The fastest way to log in to websites

Save time and never remember passwords to your favorite websites again.


One Touch Login

LoginBox automatically completes any login workflow actions: entering information, tapping buttons, checking boxes, or answering security questions.


LoginBox is FREE and, best of all, it requires zero setup and no registration.

iCloud Support

Sync across all your devices using iCloud. No need to set up each device.

Beautiful dashboard

Our clean interface and powerful browser are all part of the ‘box’, simply a pleasure to use.


Rest assured, your data is handled with the utmost care through an AES encryption plus passcode.

You can use LoginBox to automatically log in to:

Bank Accounts

Multiple security questions are a breeze for on the go online banking.


Shop and bid and checkout while on the go.


Checking in on flights and miles is now possible in one touch.

and many more

Use LoginBox on practically any password protected website!

How it Works

1. Add a website

When adding a website, our powerful search browser helps you find the site you are searching for.

2. Login once

The app will automatically document and save their keystrokes and login responses.

3. Stop & Save

Tap the “record” button once again to stop recording your actions. Your website login is safe, secure, & stored for you.

4. Love & Share

Once you fall in love with all the time and moments you are saving, tell all our friends to try LoginBox and get rewarded with free logins.
This has been a life saver for work, where we have different pages on different servers, thus requiring several layers of passwords/logins. This handles it seamlessly. mzagoo

The Best password manager.
I tried all the popular apps for password safety & storage & all failed compared to loginbox ReviemarieJu

This app even goes through a series of 3 rotating passwords for one of my financial sites. I never thought it could do that! Crazy Ninja Flipper

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“Amazing. Finally an app that allows login and without the hassle. How did I not have this before.”
by Jack3960

“WOW! Worth it’s weight in gold.”
by Sverfnebli

“This is an app that you will be using every day of your life.”
by Amer904

“Fantastic App. Upon first use of this app, I was totally in love with it!! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forgotten my passwords, and had to go searching for them or use the forgot password functionality…Now, just one tap and I’m in – love it!! Thanks for creating such a useful app!”
by A.Stricko

“Awesome. I love this app. Great. User friendly. Would recommend 100 times”
by Lovemorewright12

“Brilliant idea and beautiful interface. I tried several password managers but this one really nailed it with the ease of creating these auto login boxes. It supports all the websites I tried. Will upgrade to Pro now.”
by Ronby2

“Everybody is in a hurry these days and the faster you can get into sites is better. I won’t use any other apps like this unless it’s this one.”
by Sam bays

“Fantastic App. This is the greatest & most fantastic App for stressLESS & effortless safe logins ever. It makes my life so so much easier. Thank You… I love you, love you, love you.”
Grateful Regards, Norm Bloom, South Australia.

“Love this app! This made my life so much easier.I have numerous sites that I need to log into for various maintenance/upkeep reasons and now I can tap without having to remember all those log-ins. Phenomenal! Highly recommend this app.”
by PDXdoug

“Amazing!!! Does exactly what it says it does could not be happier. I hardly ever write a review but felt it worthwhile to support this amazing app.”
by Pickyappguy

“Amazing! Get it. End of story.”
by Hkl219

“Thank You! This app is amazing. Saves so much time. Makes it so much easier to manage numerous online accounts. No more hassle logging in every time. Peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure! Great app!!!”
by Teagan88

by OllinTRuiz

“Excellent app with great customer support-the ability to see a thumbnail of your sites is very helpful, and customer support is timely and accurate-much easier to use than roboform.”
by Ischaver

“Thank you for bringing this one kind of password manager which saves a lot of time to put passwords each time I need to open any account. more secured than any other around.”
by shasha_jeff

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